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Stirring from the slumber

Posted in News, Thoughts with tags , on December 25, 2014 by fossbrenna

It’s been quiet around here for a long while. A range of other activities and duties has left little time for the glories of the DIY tape life. That is about to change, although just for a brief moment.

There will be one more release on Fossbrenna Creations. It is a Vemod tape release, and as the plans are now, it looks like it will be the last, at least in the main line of releases, as they have traditionally been done (dubbed, cut, and distributed by yours truly, that is). It seems fitting to the end it here – it is both Fossbrenna release number ten, and by now it is approximately ten years since I started working with this little label. To end with Vemod, my own band, strikes me as equally suitable, since it is in many ways the reason I founded Fossbrenna Creations, and also an important part of the reason for now putting it to sleep.

More news to come of FBM010 closer to its release.

There are loose plans of other related projects, and even some sort of continuation, but knowing my slow self, I see no reason to present these visions before I know for certain that they will materialize. I would surely love to do some modest and low key label work in the future, but time will have to tell.

Midwinter is upon us – time to center oneself once more. Be well!




All the best,

J. E. Åsli / Fossbrenna Creations


Moments of clarity

Posted in Thoughts on April 26, 2011 by fossbrenna

Fossbrenna Creations. It has been a long time since I started this thing. My main “goal”, or vision, has remained the same all along, even though I have articulated these ideas in different ways throughout the years. “Fossbrenna Creations is no longer bound to any particular genre – atmosphere, feeling and essence is hereby the only key aspects” it says in the “About” section. However vague, this is the core of it, and I think it will remain so in the future as well.

It’s like nature. Always different, always the same.

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Midwinter introspection

Posted in News, Thoughts on December 26, 2009 by fossbrenna

The cold, fresh and pure air of splendid winter days and even more splendid winter nights, of which I enjoy every single breath, takes me back to long forgotten paths and their untouchable secrets.  This nostalgia is to me a most precious treasure. Suddenly I find myself, once again, at the very source. The source from which all of this comes. The inspiration, the magnificent visions, the golden essence. Something so distant, yet so very close. Something otherworldly, yet so very, very human. The darkness, and the light. A curse and a blessing. Both God and Devil at the same time (sounds familiar?). To those who know of what I speak; I bring you my regards. 

The much fabled feeling is very much present in me these days. It brings glory to the world. It paints the landscape in unseen, yet splendid colours. It takes me in every direction. The visions are renewed, and I am left reassured.

Autumn went without a sound from Fossbrenna Creations. Time was consumed by other important matters. I still don’t know when any of the existing plans will come to life. It depends. Work is waiting to be released from the vault; Vemod, Astral Winds, and probably more. When all details are worked out, and the time feels right, Fossbrenna Creations will resurface with some of these expressions. From those who wait (because I know some do), I would like to ask for just a tiny bit of patience. Remember; “the hasty stroke goes oft astray”.

Until then, I bid all you wanderers a magnificent winter. Towards eternity!