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Stirring from the slumber

Posted in News, Thoughts with tags , on December 25, 2014 by fossbrenna

It’s been quiet around here for a long while. A range of other activities and duties has left little time for the glories of the DIY tape life. That is about to change, although just for a brief moment.

There will be one more release on Fossbrenna Creations. It is a Vemod tape release, and as the plans are now, it looks like it will be the last, at least in the main line of releases, as they have traditionally been done (dubbed, cut, and distributed by yours truly, that is). It seems fitting to the end it here – it is both Fossbrenna release number ten, and by now it is approximately ten years since I started working with this little label. To end with Vemod, my own band, strikes me as equally suitable, since it is in many ways the reason I founded Fossbrenna Creations, and also an important part of the reason for now putting it to sleep.

More news to come of FBM010 closer to its release.

There are loose plans of other related projects, and even some sort of continuation, but knowing my slow self, I see no reason to present these visions before I know for certain that they will materialize. I would surely love to do some modest and low key label work in the future, but time will have to tell.

Midwinter is upon us – time to center oneself once more. Be well!




All the best,

J. E. Åsli / Fossbrenna Creations



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“The winds within unchained, the wild waters unleashed, the fiery innermost set alight, to work the fertile soil of the primeval soul once more. Thunderous hearts giving birth to new suns, ablaze in the whirling heavens. Behold – their silence shall sing! The keys in our hands, the path before us, the portals within wide open. This is where gods die and we rise anew, again, and again, and again.”


All details done for ‘Venter på stormene’. It’s coming.

Bandcamp / Facebook

Vemodian tidings

Posted in News, Related with tags , , on June 25, 2012 by fossbrenna

Vemod is moving. After endless delays (once again) the twofold full length opus ‘Venter på stormene’ is soon ready to be sent to press. We are finishing the last remaining details as this is written. Those interested in hearing the title track of this album can visit our bandcamp HERE.

‘Venter på stormene’ will be released as CD and MC through Terratur Possessions and as LP through Blut & Eisen Productions.

Furthermore, some might have noticed that Vemod was announced to perform our first live concert ever at the upcoming Nidrosian Black Mass IV in Brussels, Belgium, february next year. We are very excited to take Vemod into this new dimension, and honoured to take part in this event.

More news to come. Onwards to Vemodia!


Of Vemod and Winter

Posted in News, Related with tags , on January 28, 2012 by fossbrenna

The cold winter air brings clarity and drives us forward towards the new sun. VEMOD is currently working on several new releases. First and foremost, the full length work ‘Venter på stormene’, which is close to completion, but many others as well. Hopefully more of these will see the light of day in not too long.

In the meanwhile, we have created a bandcamp page for those who might be interested in our visions:

Years are seconds. The journey has only just begun. The Vemodian Society bids Thee welcome!


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Well, these new tapes have been semi-available all autumn, but time has come to announce them properly. Fossbrenna Creations proudly presents:


VEMOD – Vinterilden

Ancient fires are still burning in the far reaches of the north. New suns are pulsating and ascending in an ever darkening nightsky. These visions give birth to the rise of new magnificent monuments somewhere in the shadows between night and day, though they offer but a glimpse of what is to come.

Dark and atmospheric ambient metal pointing far beyond itself.


ASTRAL WINDS – First Journeys

Floating through starcaves, admiring the the distant lights in silence through the walls of a formless vessel. It left a long time ago. Now – there is no end. No end.

40 minutes of astral ambient and star music.


ASKEREGN – Undergangsglimt

The bloodred gaze is upon us. Storms are stirring in ancient primeval wells. The forests are burning, the oceans are boiling. Glimpse the inevitable through the rain of ashes. Askeregn is another path.

Primitive blackness from Østre Toten.


VILAINS BONSHOMMES – Éternité Retrouvée

So this is the trembling end of our time, and new stars are already glimmering in the darkness. We walk the endless paths of the labyrinth as time is rotating around the crypt. Swallow the sun and let shine its light. Behold the new dawn.

Avant-garde symbolist dark wave.


All of these are available in regular black-and-white editions as well as limited coloured editions (as seen on the pictures above). These latter limited editions are only available from Fossbrenna Creations directly.

Labels and distros interested in distributing these should get in touch for wholesale prices, but please be aware that we operate with master(s) + covers only. Only a very few selected trades are accepted, as long as there is no operational distro/mailorder here. Thank you for understanding.

The ancient cassette cult is stirring…

Posted in News on September 4, 2011 by fossbrenna

Out soon:

FBM009 Vilains Bonshommes – Éternité Retrouvée

FBM008 Askeregn – Undergangsglimt

FBM007 Astral Winds – First Journeys

FBM006 Vemod – Vinterilden


Limited coloured version will be available from us, as well as the regular versions.  Our dubbing equipment broke down here (again), but everything will be up as soon as possible. The regular versions are already available from a small handful of distros.


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One Tail, One Head just unleashed two new 7″ EPs through Terratur Possessions!

Both “Tandava” and “One Tail, One Head” contain songs released earlier in demo versions on our demotapes. However, these are the final versions which we feel communicates the true power of the songs. Listeners who prefers the uglier rehearsal-ish sound should still be able to listen to the demos – no need to complain. Re-recorded in Brygga Studios and partly re-arranged. This time we offer a clear vision of our Nidrosian madness.

One Tail, One Head – “Tandava” 7″ EP (500 copies):

One Tail, One Head – “One Tail, One Head” 7″ EP (500 copies):

Have a listen to two sample tracks!

“In The Golden Light” (from “Tandava”):

“One Tail, One Head” (From “One Tail, One Head”):