Fossbrenna Creations is a small but dedicated tape label, mainly dealing with dark music, sounds and atmospheres. We honour the old spirit and do our best to keep the demotape tradition alive. Our releases are presented in an old fashioned way, with plain tapes and xeroxed covers, and with fitting layouts and designs.

Although the concept may seem limited, most boundaries for the art itself is thrown away. Fossbrenna Creations is no longer bound to any particular genre – atmosphere, feeling and essence is hereby the only key aspects. We support individualism and personal vision in art.

The aforementioned (and much fabled) feeling is the foundational force which gives birth to all of our creative work, and fuels the forthcoming of Fossbrenna Creations. Without its existence, nothing of this would have been born. It is therefore our humble wish and goal to capture tiny bits of its essence and materialize it, through whatever creation we may present and put forth, be it sound, words, or visuals.

The mystical experience is the most powerful one can have. We are striving to convey material capable of affecting the soul. Visions from beyond presented through mundane means. Being active for years, the journey has only just begun.

Fossbrenna Creations does not necessarily represent or stand behind the ideas and messages presented in the mailorder, or even our own releases. We strongly believe in the individual interpretation of the reciever, and to channel the quintessence of every piece of art, for your own, is an essential part of the experience.

Fossbrenna Creations is deeply rooted in DIY ethics. This means that every tape is dubbed, one by one, and that every cover is cut and then folded, one by one, by hand, by yours truly. This process demands a great deal of time, but adds a significant personal quality to the end result. I hope for your understanding. Communication may be slow. Time time time.

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