Of Vemod and Winter

The cold winter air brings clarity and drives us forward towards the new sun. VEMOD is currently working on several new releases. First and foremost, the full length work ‘Venter på stormene’, which is close to completion, but many others as well. Hopefully more of these will see the light of day in not too long.

In the meanwhile, we have created a bandcamp page for those who might be interested in our visions: vemod.bandcamp.com

Years are seconds. The journey has only just begun. The Vemodian Society bids Thee welcome!


3 Responses to “Of Vemod and Winter”

  1. Óskar Jökull Says:

    Fantastic. Nice to see the old tape is being re-issued. I look forward to the full-length. A cassette release, I assume? Will it be single-sided like most of the previous Fossbrenna releases or will it have two sides? I can’t say I’m a fan of longer single-sided releases. Either way, you got yourself a customer.

    • fossbrenna Says:

      ‘Venter på stormene’ will be released on vinyl, CD, and (pro-printed two-sided) cassette. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. I really enjoyed the split album with klage, hope future releases will be worthy even about artwork!

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