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Well, these new tapes have been semi-available all autumn, but time has come to announce them properly. Fossbrenna Creations proudly presents:


VEMOD – Vinterilden

Ancient fires are still burning in the far reaches of the north. New suns are pulsating and ascending in an ever darkening nightsky. These visions give birth to the rise of new magnificent monuments somewhere in the shadows between night and day, though they offer but a glimpse of what is to come.

Dark and atmospheric ambient metal pointing far beyond itself.


ASTRAL WINDS – First Journeys

Floating through starcaves, admiring the the distant lights in silence through the walls of a formless vessel. It left a long time ago. Now – there is no end. No end.

40 minutes of astral ambient and star music.


ASKEREGN – Undergangsglimt

The bloodred gaze is upon us. Storms are stirring in ancient primeval wells. The forests are burning, the oceans are boiling. Glimpse the inevitable through the rain of ashes. Askeregn is another path.

Primitive blackness from Østre Toten.


VILAINS BONSHOMMES – Éternité Retrouvée

So this is the trembling end of our time, and new stars are already glimmering in the darkness. We walk the endless paths of the labyrinth as time is rotating around the crypt. Swallow the sun and let shine its light. Behold the new dawn.

Avant-garde symbolist dark wave.


All of these are available in regular black-and-white editions as well as limited coloured editions (as seen on the pictures above). These latter limited editions are only available from Fossbrenna Creations directly.

Labels and distros interested in distributing these should get in touch for wholesale prices, but please be aware that we operate with master(s) + covers only. Only a very few selected trades are accepted, as long as there is no operational distro/mailorder here. Thank you for understanding.


The unsilenced silence

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I have been trying to catch up with unanswered emails from the last few months lately. If your email is still left with no reply, feel free to resend. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.